The Adaptive Environments research group is a mutli-disciplinary research group led by Kjell Yngve Petersen. The principal area of interest is the built environment as a complex dynamic system, and the interaction with its inhabitants.

Research Groups

Research at ITU is centered around research groups. Reseachers at ITU are typically associated with one or more research groups. The groups focus on a selected area of research and organise events to develop and disseminate their research, as well as to train affiliated PhDs.

Research Context

Adaptive Environments is the context wherein we live and the mutual influence and adaption between humans and the surrounding objects, buildings and landscapes. The focus on human interaction, relation and communication expands into the relationship between human behaviour and software behaviour, human extensions, robotic architecture, adaptive lighting, and telematics work practices. The research includes a range of scales of the subject matter, such as adaptive architectures, transformative environments, autonomous robots, biological substances, and human extensions.

Research approach

The research engagement supported in the research group is predominantly speculative and explorative, in search for new expressions, forms and strategies of argumentation. The approaches include arts driven research processes, which generate composition and design strategies, experiential methods, aesthetic analysis, and the development of new analytic approaches. The research projects in the research group engage closely with partners and situations in the lived environments, researchers from across disciplines, and partners within business, organisations and society.

Æ Sessions

The Æ research group has a weekly meeting to discuss topics, writings and projects that are of interest to one or more of the group members. The form of the meetings varies, as well as the group size due to invited guests.

If you would like to take part in a session, please contact Katrine Lund.


Intermedia Lab

Tightly connected to the research of the group is Intermedia Lab. This lab, setup by Kjell Yngve Petersen, is the space where most prototypes are developed and tested. The lab has facilities for performance-type settings and is equiped with a range of mutli-media technologies.